Learning to Let Go and Say No

So, life is scary right now, or you’re miserable, or you need a new start.

We’ve always been told “quitters never win,” but sometimes, living by that phrase gets us into trouble.

It’s okay to quit something that’s poisoning your life. If it makes you miserable, drop it like it’s hot. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major, an activity or a job, you cannot let the fear of quitting (or change) rule over your life like some sort of rain cloud.

You’ve got to learn to walk away with your head held high, pride still intact. You’ve got to focus on yourself, and the direction your life is headed. If you stick with the things you don’t have a passion for, things will snowball and you will never feel fulfilled.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your career path. You will spend your entire life focusing on whatever you choose, so choose something you love.

Learn to say no. Don’t over-commit. Don’t try to pour from an empty cup, because eventually, you will run dry. When you run dry, you become bitter and forget how to care for others, let alone yourself.

By quitting, you aren’t actually “giving up.” “Giving up” would be staying on the path you are on, for convenience’s sake or for someone else’s pleasure.

Learn to quit. Learn to say no. Do it for yourself, before it’s too late.